South Union Spring

By Addie M. Buck
The Choctaw Plaindealer 
July 25, 1941

At the foot of the four hills converging into a cool, refreshing, shaded level land the water comes gently out of the rocks into a concrete spring, filling it with the finest, clearest free-stone water that ever quenced the thirst of man, and from which the tent make their coffee, the aroma of which, as it wafted into the early morning air of the campground makes even the wayfaring want to stay for breakfast.  Surrounding this retreat of the hills there are enumerable beech trees - carved upon the bark of these trees are the initials of boys and girls of generations back. Hours may be spent in pleasant reminiscence as one passes from tree to tree, reading first the freshly cut initials of this generation and ferreting out the time worn lettering or names of the generations past. Some of the initials are joined together, as, no doubt their owners were in after years.  


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