Sacred Memories

By Angus Buck
Anniston, Alabama
Sunday Night, July 22, 1945

Backward, turn backward, oh time in your flight
Take me to the old Campground just for tonight.
Let me gaze once more on the torch-lighted grounds,
While from the old Arbor sweet music resounds.

Let me mingle my voide again with that throng
Whose hearts overflow with each sacred song.
Let me feel the same joy in my heart that I felt
When in the old altar of sawdust I knelt. 

Let me listen once more to the message of love
From a soul that is kindled with fire from above.
Let me witness the penitent sinner arise
And earnestly start for a home in the skies.

Let me hear my own father with tremelous voice
Praying till the lost one makes Jesus his choice.
Let me hear the glad shouts from loved ones dear,
While I feel in my soul that Heaven is near.

Such memories have lingered these many years,
Bringing often rejoicing, sometimes bringing tears,
Yes, backward, turn backward, oh time in your flight, 
Take me to Old South Union just for tonight.